gasket FW88GS
FW88GS Wool Felt Sheet

Pressed white sheep hair shaped into sheet form. Used for filling or shopping oil beacause of its high absorbency to oil. It is the material for a wide range of "spacing" situations such as seals for bearings, spacers in automotive applications situations where a cushioning effect is desired between two rigid structures. Washers and gaskets are also ideal for sealing out dust and similar contaminants as well as retaining lubricants.

Material Composition:
Wool content: >85%
Acrylic content: <15%
Moisture: <5%
Other impurities: <3%

Thickness: From 1mm up to 100mm
Width: 1m up to 1.8m
Density: 0.3g/cm³ - 0.4g/cm³