Made from spun 1250°C ceramic fibers. The extra long spun fibres makes it one of the strongest blankets available. Available Sizes 64kg/m³ - 96kg/m³ - 128kg/m³- 160kg/m³ Made from spun 1400C zirkonia stabilizsed ceramic fibre. It is a highly efficient insulator with extremely low schrinkage and complete resistance to damage shock. Available sizes 96kg/m³ - 128kg/m³ - 160kg/m³.


High temperature of rigid boards designed for applications wich require high strength and rigidity coupled with high temperature stability and excellent insulating performance. Classification temp 1250°C/1430°C


Paper is produced during a unique washing process to give a paper designed for applications where extra cleanliness is required Classification temperature 1250°C/1430°C


Classification temp 1250°C/1430°C

Block module

A prefabricated unit which can be applied as a lining block to the inner face of a furnace structure, featuring a wide variety of ceramic fibre compositions, attachment anchoring systems and construction designs.
Block module systems, including corner blocks, make for ease of installations.
Veneering systems offer modules, cements and coatings designed for hot face applications over existing refractory linings, providing a reduction of heat loss without requiring refractory replacement

Vacuum formed shapes

Termoseal offers a wide range of insulating products which are made from a mixture of refractory ceramic fibre by vacuum forming. This process allows the production of a variety of configurations, tailored to our customers’ particular application and ranging from simple sections (such as sleeves, cones) to complex shapes.

Insulation firebricks

Insulation firebricks have low thermal conductivity and low heat storage properties. They may be used as the hot face layer or as backing insulation for dense bricks Range from Grade 23 to Grade 32.

Calcium silicate

Calcium silicate board is made from high-grade siliceous materials and lime refractory with the mixture of natural fiber as reinforcing material. It is a new type of building decoration material, which is famous for its excellent form stability/stable performance.